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All applicants must be high school seniors or post-secondary students currently enrolled (at the time of application) in a collision repair program and must have been studying collision repair for at least one semester prior to applying for the awards. Students will be considered for all scholarships/tool grants that they are eligible for based on the individual eligibility factors of each award. These eligibility factors can include gender, school attendance, year in school, future plans, outside activities, and/or financial need.

The collision instructor must complete the Collision Repair School Solutions Survey in order for his/her students to be eligible for any of the scholarship/tool grant opportunities.

Applicant must meet one of the following requirements

1.) A post-secondary student who is studying collision repair and is currently serving or has recently served in the military.

2.) A high school senior or a post-secondary student who is studying collision repair and has an immediate family member currently serving or has served in the military.

Awards will be determined by financial need, future plans, and past academic achievements of the student.

This year in addition to the traditional scholarships ranging from $1,000 up to $5,000 we are also offering $500 tool grants for Veterans as part of the 3M Hire Our Heroes Program.

*Please note Veterans are also invited to apply for the full scholarship and tool grants as an additional part of the 3M Hire our Heroes Program.


With supporting thousands of collision repair students and schools across the United States, the Collision Repair Education Foundation has been a leader in awarding eligible students and schools with over $9.1 Million dollars since 2009 by working alongside industry partners and organizations to provide support to the industry.

Working in collision repair provides a wealth of opportunities for growth and advancement, has an ongoing demand for innovation and technology and rewards hard work and dedication. This is the best time to think of a career in this industry and automotive scholarships can help pave the way for a supporting future.


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