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As we face the challenges of a critical shortage of qualified entry-level collision technicians, there’s never been a better time to become a donor to the Collision Repair Education Foundation.

We encourage industry colleagues – collision repair shops, insurers, material and equipment suppliers, service and information providers, vehicle manufacturers, related businesses, I-CAR Committees, local business groups, and trade associations – to invest in our shared future. Your generosity will benefit today’s and tomorrow’s students – as well as local and nationwide schools to produce skilled employees.

The Collision Repair Education Foundation is committed to making a significant impact on the future of the collision industry. We are proud to serve as the liaison between our generous partners, the students, and the collision repair schools and programs.

the impact

The Collision Repair Education Foundation is fortunate to have the generous support of over 1,000 corporations, businesses, associations, and individuals who support the mission and goals of our organization.

Our donors include national corporations and local businesses; from major insurance carriers to collision repair businesses and everyone in between that serves the collision repair industry, who share a common interest in supporting the future of our industry and helping young men and women with a passion for cars find a rewarding career.

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ways to give

Interested in working with one of your local collision schools to support collision repair as a career? The Collision Repair Education Foundation provides multiple ways to do just that.

working to improve collision schools

Lisa Ferguson of I-CAR explains efforts in Philadelphia to support the Collision Repair Education Foundation. The Foundation spoke with Lisa at the local committee golf outing that was raising funds to improve local schools and help students find careers in the collision industry.

support guide

Students and collision programs in collision repair need help on various levels. Advice, internships, volunteering, donations, and any level of support are welcomed.

With tons of different ways to give back and make a difference in the collision repair industry, knowing where to get involved might be overwhelming, that is why we’ve created a helpful guide below to help you through the process.

To find out additional ways to support collision repair education, contact us.


step 1

The first thing we recommend is to get to know your local schools and students through a meet & greet, this will help to determine ways you can give back and help support.

1.) Find out what local schools have collision repair programs by using our school locator.

2.) Connect and meet with the collision instructor to discuss the collision program and see where support is needed.

3.) Meet the students and see the projects they are working on.

4.) Attend a Collision Repair Advisory Committee Meeting.

step 2

There are many ways to get involved!

1.) Setup an advisory committee if the program does not have one.

2.) Be a guest speaker at the school to promote the Foundation and teach students about collision repair.

3.) Arrange for students to visit your/a collision repair facility.

4.) Start/participate in an internship/apprenticeship program.

5.) Arrange for product demos at the school.

6.) Volunteer your time at collision repair events across the country.

step 3

There are many ways to raise funds to help support collision repair. Here are a few options to spark some inspiration!

1.) Collect donations from local businesses or individuals.

2.) Showcase the collision program at a school open house.

3.) Donation of tools, equipment, and supplies for local schools.

4.) Host a fundraising event. (Such as a car show, car wash, golf event, etc).

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Join our leadership circle by visiting our partnership opportunities or contact us directly to learn more.

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