Working in collision repair is an essential sector of the automotive industry. By educating about the diverse career paths available you can learn more about advanced technologies shaping the automotive industry, and the potential for a hands-on career that can truly accelerate your expertise and passion in this field.

We encourage students and parents to connect with their local collision repair schools to learn more about what each program entails and the opportunities that can be gained by investing in education today. Discover schools near you today.

Technicians are paid more – according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average weekly wage of a technician in collision repair rose by 9.6%.

Scholarships and TOOL GRANTS OPEN JANUARY 2025

Tuition is expensive, especially for aspiring collision repair professionals who also need to stock their toolboxes, but the Collision Repair Education Foundation (CREF) wants to help!

Funding is available for secondary and post-secondary collision students to support their educational endeavors and unlocking a future in collision repair has never been simpler with our straightforward scholarship application process.

Explore our eligibility criteria for more information.

Applicant must meet the following requirements:

All applicants must be high school seniors or post-secondary students currently enrolled (at the time of application) in a collision repair program and must have been studying collision repair for at least one semester prior to applying for the awards.

Students will be considered for all scholarships/tool grants that they are eligible for based on the individual eligibility factors of each award. These eligibility factors can include gender, school attendance, year in school, future plans, outside activities, and/or financial need.

The collision instructor must complete the Collision Repair School Solutions Survey in order for his/her students to be eligible for any of the scholarship/tool grant opportunities.

3M is offering special opportunities for deserving collision repair students who are currently serving or have recently served in the military. Special awards will also be available for collision repair students that have immediate family members who are currently serving or have recently served in the military.

ELIGIBILITY: Applicant must meet one of the following requirements to apply:
1.) Is a post-secondary student who is studying collision repair and is currently serving or has recently served in the military.
2.) A high school senior or a post-secondary student who is studying collision repair and has an immediate family member currently serving or has served in the military.

AWARD: Awards will be determined by financial need, future plans, and past academic achievements of the student.

*Please note Veterans are also invited to apply for the full scholarship and tool grants as an additional part of the 3M Hire our Heroes Program.

The Women’s Industry Network (WIN) has partnered up with CREF to administer its scholarship program, aiming at encouraging and empowering women with a passion for the collision repair industry.

If you’re a woman who’s interested in pursuing a career in collision repair, this is the perfect opportunity for you! The WIN scholarship is designed to support your educational journey and provide the financial assistance you need to excel in your studies.

Why pursue collision repair?

Discover careers

Great pay, job satisfaction, and future security.

Three factors that students benefit from once they start a career in collision repair. With qualified technicians earning top pay of $100,000 or more, this is a career where you will not only make a great living, but you’ll have the opportunity to work anywhere you like.

With unlimited opportunities and benefits that lie in this industry, this is a career that promises both excitement and the chance to make a meaningful impact. Discover more today!

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